Two steps back, one step forward

I wanted to talk about the reality that is life. With OCD there is no smooth path to recovery. You don’t start on day one then each day get better and better until your OCD has been fixed. It’s hard work learning how to manage OCD. 
Life happens. And with that triggers happen. And that means that sometimes you can take two steps back and I write it like that because it’s hard with OCD to see the progress so the steps back tend to take focus. My counsellor has talked to me about how I view ‘blips’ and I know she’s right. She told me that ‘blips’ as I call them are actually a positive tool in managing OCD. You can’t always be in control of triggers especially when you start to visit things you were avoiding so it’s an important learning curve facing life, and triggers and knowing that a set back doesn’t actually set YOU back. 
It’s okay if OCD wins sometimes. As long as you acknowledge that your obsessions and compulsions are just that and they are symptoms from OCD which you are reacting so strongly to because of a chemical imbalance in the brain with the mantra ‘it’s not me, its OCD’ then you can move forward and next time try to apply the tools you have.
In recovery OCD may win some of the battles but it doesn’t have to win the war. 
A x


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